The Hostel

The "La Sosta Solidale” Hostel was founded as a place to pause for longer or shorter period of time and, for those who wish, for social interaction. The peculiarity of this structure is of being integrated in a context of supportive and welcoming families, who have given the same mark to the Hostel, which is situated in the midst of their housing units.

We focus on the wellbeing of our guests, hence they will all receive a very warm welcome. They will find all the services of a tourist centre (tourist guides, maps, internet connection etc.) but also several proposals for cultural, recreational and volunteering activities that arise from the roots of the Condominio Solidale in a bustling territorial reality.
The Hostel provides at the same time internal welcome and opening to external surroundings.

The hostel will suit different types of guests, such as:

  • Tourists: accessibility to transportation to the center of Milan, as well as the hinterland and the various surrounding areas of tourist interest;
  • Students: for convenient access to the main Universities of Milan, the presence of a local library, and the ability to fit into a particularly active social context, There is also the possibility of becoming a volunteer or a trainee within the Condominio Solidale or in one of the several local Charities and Organisations
  • Relatives of hospitalised patients: for convenient access to some of the main hospitals in Milan (Galeazzi, Niguarda and Sacco), and disabled transport service, the latter provided by a local Charity;
  • Business/Economics professionals and trainees: the proximity to the motorway network, and accessibility to transportation, in all directions; with particular regard to the Fiera di Milano and Expo 2015).

The Condominio Solidale

Situated on the northern outskirts of Milan, the Condominio Solidale is an experience of solidal proximity.
In a common courtyard, overlooked by three buildings, a community of seven families lives independent and sovereign, though sharing some living spaces thus realizing a life style of solidarity and friendliness. This is done through:
1.The mutual aid among families, including sharing of goods and resources;
2.Welcome as a lifestyle, with an open door policy, the hospitality and integration of foster children or adults in difficulty;
3.The construction of a good neighbourhood environment and a significant presence in the neighborhood, also encouraging the social integration of people for over 20 years were excluded because of their mental illness.

The socialization vocation has meant that over time the practice of hospitality and welcome have become the real wealth of the condominium; hence one of the major pushes to the creation of the Hostel, to give greater comfort to all those who for various reasons meet the experience of Condominio Solidale, and to provide space and relaxed relationship time both with the residents of the structure and the guests of the Hostel.

Mondo di Comunità e Famiglia (MCF)

It 'a social association that was founded in June 2003 with the intention of bringing together all the life experiences that have resulted from the Community of Villapizzone, in Milan, launched in 1978 by Bruno and Enrica Volpi with Massimo and Danila Nicolai and a group of Jesuits.
Engine and essence of this association is the belief that people and families, valuing their diversity, will walk towards the realization of their own vocation, in an environment of trust, warmth, simplicity, solidarity, sharing and responsibility, will realize a different way of life that will make them happy, and will infect those close to them.
MCF consists of people who want to live their lives fully, in the world in which they are, without procrastinating to the future what is possible today. People, families, religious communities, work experiences, living a neighborly solidarity, are generating a series of experiences that MCF has committed to collect and tell.

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